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Internal Glazing
Creating space, elegantly and efficiently

Toucan creates aesthetically pleasing internal glazing systems and internal aluminium doors which enhance the functionality of your property and invite the flow of natural light.

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Tell us your vision and specifications and our design team will get back to you with a no-obligation quote.


Step 2 Design

Book an appointment for one of our experts to visit your premises to clarify the specifications and finalise the design.


Step 3 Craft

Our production team gets to work and your estimated delivery date will be sent to you for peace of mind.


Step 4 Install

Once the completion date is confirmed, we will contact you to book a date for the installation of your internal glazing.

Internal Glazing Kent & The South East. Internal Aluminium Glass Doors

Internal glazing systems can work wonders in an office environment or a residential home. The aesthetic quality a glass partition wall offers can influence the decisions of potential clients and recruits - but they also have a number of practical benefits as well.

With conversations around well-being in the workplace, an internal glazing system would be a welcome addition that allows natural light to flow through the office. People, like plants, rely on natural sunlight to improve their circadian rhythm. As a result, we sleep better and can focus on our work for longer.

In addition, more natural light flooding into the office requires you to rely less on artificial lighting - thus lowering your electricity bill. Internal glazing systems also provide a noise barrier that enhances acoustic performance and doesn’t require a great deal of cleaning so are low maintenance.

Toucan Glass deliver internal glazing systems and internal aluminium doors designed to maximise these benefits and create engaging and airy spaces that are attuned to productivity and general well-being.

Our interior and exterior windows are fitted with ultra-slim sightlines that amplify the amount of light coming in and optimise the view looking out the other way. Not only that but the aluminium frames can be customised to match your interior decor and the outside of your property.

Toucan Glass sources and installs internal glazing systems for commercial businesses and residential properties throughout Kent & The South East: Including: Essex, Surrey, East Sussex, London & Hertfordshire.

internal glazing Kent & The South East
AluSpace pivot screen.

AluSpace Pivot Screen

Our pivot screen options provides the flexibility to instantly change the way the internal space is configured. Available up to 2 metres wide and with standard or soft close options.

AluSpace hinged doors.

AluSpace Hinged Doors

With a range of width, glazing, hinge and furniture options, our doors can be configured to suit any design theme, from traditional to minimalist and contemporary to industrial.

AluSpace sliding doors.

AluSpace Sliding Doors

Sliding doors provide the option to close or partially open the internal screen, with a choice of a contemporary or vintage rail options to echo the overall design.

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Internal Glazing

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Internal Glazing

Product Details

Pivot Screen Door Internal Glazing

Pivot Screen Door Internal Glazing

If you’re looking for an impressive interior design feature that captures attention and makes a statement, why not consider installing an internal glazing system with a pivot screen door?  The advantage a pivot screen door has over other glass partition walls is they need less space to operate and give you more flexibility to access rooms, creating a seamless transition from one room to the next. 

Pivot doors don’t need any clearance space to open like traditional hinged doors, they simply pivot on a central rod rather than swing back and forth. When the door is fully open, there is a clear transition between rooms, or from a living space onto your patio or garden. What’s more, pivot doors are sturdy and convenient to use - which makes them an ideal addition to homes and offices in Kent. It comes as no surprise that pivot doors are becoming increasingly popular with Kent homeowners, particularly homes that have small rooms.

Pivot Screen Door Sash Specifications

  • Maximum Width 2000mm
  • Minimum Width 400mm
  • Maximum Height 2500mm
  • Maximum Weight 100kg
  • Door Single or double
  • Glazing 6mm, 8mm, 4-10-4mm or 18mm
  • Colour Various powder coating colours available with a 25 year guarantee
Hinged Door Sash Specifications

Hinged Door Sash Specifications

The latest hinged doors swing both ways - giving you the choice of how you prefer to open a door to enter and exit. Hinged door partitions are also ideal for getting around commercial offices even when you have your arms full of files, bags and whatever else you might be carrying.

Unlike traditional hinged doors that typically open into a room, modern swing doors can be pushed outwards which gives you more room in small spaces - and thus maximising the space. The quiet operation and draught reduction can also be advantageous.

Toucan also offers customisable door frames, handles and other accessories such as transparent panels and an automatic door closer. Not forgetting that we use premium-grade aluminium to make all our internal glazing products thanks to its robustness and capacity to last for many years without replacement.

Aluminium glass partitions also add an extra layer of security, so if you keep anything valuable in a particular office or room in your home, aluminium doors make it harder for would-be thieves to enter.

Hinged Door Sash Specifications

  • Maximum Width: 900mm
  • Minimum Width: 400mm
  • Maximum Height: 2200mm
  • Maximum Weight: 60kg
  • Door: Single or double
  • Glazing: 6mm, 8mm, 4-10-4mm or 18mm
  • Colour: Various powder coating colours available with a 25 year guarantee
Sliding Door Glass Partition Wall

Sliding Door Glass Partition Wall

Sliding door glass partition walls offer office environments with more flexibility and better use of space. Because sliding doors slip into a concealed recess in a glass partition wall when opened, they create more space in small rooms.

As an internal glazing feature, aluminium glass partition walls provide elegance and break up a single room into two different spaces without making the space feel or look smaller. You effectively create two spaces that can be used for different activities without one room disturbing the other.

Another advantage of aluminium glass partitions is their versatility - except in wet areas which can cause dampness and distortion to erode the aluminium.

Sliding Door Sash Specifications

  • Maximum Width: 1200mm
  • Minimum Width: 400mm
  • Maximum Height: 2500mm
  • Maximum Weight: 100kg (with ACINT 313 Rollers)
  • Door: Single or double
  • Glazing: 6mm, 8mm, 4-10-4mm or 18mm
  • Colour: Various powder coating colours available with a 25 year guarantee

Internal Glazing F'A'Q

Internal glazing refers to the use of glass panels for interior partitions, doors, and walls instead of traditional building materials such as wood or drywall. This modern approach allows natural light to flow throughout the space, creating a bright and airy atmosphere.

Internal glazing has several benefits, including enhancing the appearance of a space by creating a sleek and modern look. It also allows natural light to enter a space, reducing the need for artificial lighting and helping to save on energy costs. Internal glazing is also durable, easy to clean, and provides sound insulation, making it an excellent choice for busy and noisy environments.

At Toucan Glass, we offer a range of internal glazing solutions, including glass partitions, doors, balustrades, and staircases. Our team of experts can help you choose the right design and materials to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Internal glazing is installed by fixing the glass panels into a frame or a channel, which is then secured to the walls or floor. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that the installation process is smooth and efficient, with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Internal glazing is suitable for most types of buildings, including residential, commercial, and public spaces. Whether you're renovating an office, designing a new home, or upgrading a public building, internal glazing can provide a modern and stylish solution. Contact Toucan Glass to learn more about our internal glazing options and how we can help you transform your space.

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Internal Glazing

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